Sugar Rush Flavors: Chocolate

When you’re facing a menu of delicious desserts, choosing the best one can be tough. That’s especially true with chocolate and cake, which both make for scrumptious and sinfully delicious desserts. Fortunately, Sugar Rush has the perfect solution, which is a decadent chocolate crumb cake. Thanks to this culinary masterpiece, you can enjoy both treats at once.

The Chocolate Crumb Cake

Sugar Rush in Charlotte, North Carolina specializes in New York-style crumb cakes that are exceptionally rich, moist, and delicious. While Baker Shannon Mauro creates many unique crumb cake flavors, one of her most popular is the chocolate crumb cake. The cake begins with a base layer of fluffy chocolate cake that undergoes a special cooling process to retain as much moisture as possible. That means every bite of cake that you take is moist, flavorful, and never dry.

Although the base chocolate cake is delicious on its own, Mauro takes her chocolate crumb cakes a step further. The cake base is then topped with Sugar Rush’s signature crumb topping, which is just as moist and rich as the base cake. The chocolate crumb cake has a generous layer of crumbs that coats the entire layer of cake underneath, ensuring that every bite you take has a melt-in-your-mouth finish.

Even after the crumb cake topping, there’s more to come with this crumb cake.  To top it off, Mauro adds her signature layer of powdered sugar, which gives each chocolate crumb cake a decorative and beautiful finish that makes it just as appealing to the eye as it is to eat.

How to Order

If you want to order a chocolate crumb cake from Sugar Rush in Charlotte, simply call ( 516-316-8998 ) or send your request to Shannon Mauro by text. Each cake is made from scratch for each customer to ensure quality and freshness with every bite.

About Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a Woman-owned, small business located in North Carolina. Every cake is specially made to order, and Mauro’s cakes are popular celebratory items for many special occasions. Whether you’re planning to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or simply want a unique dessert for a brunch with neighbors, Sugar Rush’s crumb cakes are perfectly suited for any festive occasion.

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