Sugar Rush Flavors: The Classic

If you’re looking for that “perfect” crumb cake, look no further than Sugar Rush, which is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether you want to keep it simple with a popular cake such as the Classic or test the waters with unique and original flavors, rest assured that you’ll get an exceptional dessert no matter which one you try. Each crumb cake has a rich, velvety, and melt-in-your-mouth texture that will leave you wanting more.

The “Classic” Crumb Cake

Sugar Rush’s Classic Crumb Cakes Show That Sticking To A Tried-And-True Food Doesn’t Have To Be Boring. Based On A Traditional Recipe, The Classic flavor Stands Out From the rest. There Are A Couple Secrets To The Distinction In Taste Between These Crumb Cakes And The Rest. They Are Made In Small Batches For Quality, And They Have A Perfect Ratio Of Crumb-To-Cake. The End Product Is A Lush Layer Of Moist Vanilla Cake With A Buttery Texture Topped With A Heaping Mound Of Equally Soft And Tantalizing Crumbs. Topping It Off Is A Generous Dusting Of Powdered Sugar That Dresses Up The Cake’s Appearance While Adding Just The Right Amount Of Sugar For A Balanced Finish.

Placing Your Order

Whether you want to keep a cake for yourself or share with others on a special occasion, it’s easy to place an order for your request. You can simply give Sugar Rush in Charlotte a call to place an order over the phone( 516-316-8998 ) or text Shannon with your request. Before you order, you are also welcome to see the many options available through the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, which feature mesmerizing photos of each dessert. Be sure to check out the other unique flavors that you can get for your next order as well, such as Lemon, Birthday Cake, and Cinnamon.

Ordering Your Cake

Sugar Rush’s Classic Crumb Cakes Are Made To Order For Every Customer So That You Only Get The Freshest And Highest-Quality Product Available. When You Decide That You Want A Classic Crumb Cake For A Special Occasion In Charlotte, You Can Easily Place Your Order With Sugar Rush. Orders Can Be Placed By Contacting Shannon Through A Phone Call Or By Text Message. If You Want To See What You’re Getting Ahead Of Time, Check Out Sugar Rush’s Instagram And Facebook Accounts For A Sneak Preview Of A Beautifully Designed Classic Cake.

About the Company

The inspiration for Sugar Rush comes from Baker-Owner Shannon’s passion for food, and particularly for providing customers with authentic recipes baked from scratch. To create the perfect cake each time, Shannon uses a perfect recipe of culinary talent and science. Cakes are made to order based on request to ensure freshness. They are also made in small batches. Once you bite into a piece of Shannon’s cakes, you’ll discover that they are exceptionally moist. The secret comes from a cooling process that retains moisture, which in turn creates a rich flavor and smooth texture.

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